You have arrived at the PACTOR center with links to PACTOR hardware, AirMail software and the WinLink system. If you come across unfamiliar words, check the WinLink glossary.

At SA0M-SM5HF-LA8ZF, the PCT-IIpro modem is the common denominator of the PACTOR system. On this page you find links to the various parts and functions of the system.

Some of the information on the linked pages has been lifted from the WinLink or AirMail homepages in August 2011. Since the original information may be changed or adjusted at any time, you are recommended to visit the WinLink and AirMail homepages, to make sure you have the latest version.

 PACTOR, the home page (SCS)

 PACTOR, general info - and at sea from Stockholm to Denmark Strait (Greenland Strait)

 PACTOR, the rig at SA0M-SM5HF-LA8ZF

 PACTOR, the manual for modem/controller PTC-IIpro (version 4.0)

 PACTOR, the frequencies

 WINLINK, the home page

 WINLINK, för nödtrafik (swe)

 WINLINK, get started

 WINLINK, about e-mail and spam prevention

 ARMAIL, the home page

 AIRMAIL, the Frequency List and how to update it

 AIRMAIL, the frequencies in use by SAØM

 WINMOR, not really PACTOR - but...

 WINMOR, a primer

 SAILMAIL, an email communications system for use by members

SAILMAIL ASSOCIATION members can use SailMail's network of SSB private coast stations. Other than the membership fee to join the SailMail Association and the initial hardware cost of an SSB and Pactor modem, there is no cost per message for use of the SailMail radio network. However, to compensate during periods of deficient HF propagation, some members will secure the system by adding IRIDIUM satellite communication, as backup.

In contrast, other members will go to the expense of using IRIDIUM satellites as primary carrier in the SailMail network. They take advantage of SailMail's efficient communications protocol, compression, and filtering to minimize their satellite time and cost. They may even carry a Pactor modem for use with their SSB rig, as a backup to their satellite system.

WINMOR does work with the WL2K database, like WinLink, but with a software TNC instead of the hardware PACTOR TNC (modem). Or, as Fred W4JLE put it:

"WINMOR - An ARQ/FEC multispeed digital mode, it allows two stations to connect and pass messages.

WINMOR Software TNC - A stand alone software Modem (TNC) that may be accessed by client software, just as a hardware TNC may be used with various programs.

RMS Express - One of several programs that can interface with the Software TNC, it is written by the authors of the WINMOR Software TNC."

The SCS PTC-IIpro modem including PACTOR-III firmware, combined with AirMail software, is eminently suitable for emergency communication networks.

SCS have added a new version to their line of PACTOR modems, the P4dragon DR-7800 including PACTOR-IV firmware. However, for amateur use the price may have passed the treshold of pain.

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