The 12+4m mast was erected first time in October 2004, see the "mast project". One 13-el 432MHz yagi and one 6-element 144MHz replaced by one 144MHz hybrid quad in October 2008.


1)  6m
Planned but not yet installed.

2)  2m
Mfg: BAZ Spezialantennen
Details: 2/HDQ15
HoG: ~13.5m
Type: hybrid dual quad
Gain: 13.5 dBd (?)
Driven elements: 2x1 (dual quad)
Director elements: 2x5
Reflector elements: 1x4
Longest element: 1.08m
Booms: L=1.8m
Boom separation: H=1.5m
Mast amp: SSB Electronic SP-2000 GaAs-Fet
Coax: Ecoflex-10 ~2x34m
(separate TX/RX antenna cables)

3)  20-17-15-12-10m 1.2kW
Mfg: CushCraft
Details: MA5B
HoG ~12.5m
Type: shortened yagi
Gain: look here
Elements: 2+1
Longest element: L=5.2m
Boom: L=2.2m
Coax: Ecoflex-10 ~33m


4)  2m/70cm (mast top)
Mfg: unknown HoG ~16m, L=1.5
Type: dual band collinear
Coax: Ecoflex-10 ~37m

5)  40-30-20-17-15-12-10-6m
Mfg: Hy-Gain
Details: AV-640
Counterpoise HoG ~6m, L=7.8m
Coax: RG213 ~11m


6)  dual full-size dipole 40/80m 1kW
Mfg: Sigfried Hari
Details: Doppel-Dipol
Inverted "V", with balun
HoG: ~12m (center)
40m: L~20.5m overall
80m: L~38.5m overall
Coax: Ecoflex-10 ~32m

7)  trap dipole 40/80m 200W
Mfg: Sigfried Hari
Details: W3DZZ
Inverted "V", with balun
HoG ~9m (center)
L~34m overall
Coax: RG213 ~20m

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