Showing ships moored, anchored or on the move in the Baltic Sea. The AIS map overview is centered in the archipelago of Stockholm. Please select the map section (rectangle) of interest.

When you have selected the rectangle of interest, the AIS system will update ship positions and ship information every 99 seconds.

    1 - Wait for map to complete
    2 - Select the rectangle of interest
    3 - Click on any ship for information

When you have selected a ship, you may then click on "Vessel's Details" to show more details - and/or "Show Vessel's Track" to show where the ship has been.

See the list of "arrow" icons at right, ship type is indicated by colour. When the ship becomes stationary, by anchor or mooring, the icon changes to a square but keeps its colour coding.

     - tanker underway
     - tanker moored or anchored

To change the visible part of the map, place the cursor somewhere in the map, click and hold while using the mouse to move the map.

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 Tug, pilot etc.
 Yachts and others
 High speed
 Anchored, moored*
 Navigational aid

  * Coloured according to
     ship type

** Ship type
     information missing